Welcome to:
Rick's Sounds
"America's First All Digital
Disc Jockey"
"Special Music for
Special Memories"
All C.D.'s Since 1982
I Play at least 20 Songs per Hour per Performance.
The Music is Carefully Selected to fit the Audience.
If you were to purchase the music yourself; Even if you
knew which songs would be best for your special
occasion, it would cost you more than double what it costs
to have
America's First
"All Digital D.J."
No MP3's or I-tunes, All CD quality, copyright protected

Only the Highest Quality Equipment and Music are used by
Rick's Sounds

Phenominal Pure Silver Cabling used through out the system

State of the Art Studio Enhancement

World Class
Mackie Professional Speaker System   

Denon, "The World's First Digital D.J. Mixer"

Studio Quality Cordless Microphones